I Love Historic Homes

...and I have spent 20 plus years dedicated to finding, selling and helping conserve these properties. I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live in an “Old House” here and I love them for many reasons. At a fundamental level, these antiques have a quality of materials, often handmade, as well as craftsmanship rarely found in new construction. From the pegged and grooved floors, to hand-formed red clay tiles and decorated with iconic details such as Batchelder tiles or Judson Studios glass, these homes are unique, one-of-a-kind gems. And their styles range from the high architecture by masters such as Wallace Neff, Paul R. Williams, Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene & Greene, Richard Neutra, etc, to the vernacular, some from kits and many a mix of updates and additions to answer an owner’s taste or needs. They give us a wonderful world of visually interesting streetscapes and the opportunity to live in one-of-a-kind homes. They are also an amazing opportunity to actually live in and be a part of history. I don’t believe in “moth-balling” these homes, but I do believe in working with them to understand our past, imprint them with today’s culture and conserve them for future generations. I enjoyed creating it and taking a closer look at L.A.’s diverse architectural heritage, one that I’m proud to support and champion for future generations.


“I must tell you how pleased I have been and continue to be with the level of professionalism, hard work as well as an intense interest in the intricacies of selling a house that I have experienced over the last few weeks working with Hilary.  Without her I would have been lost.  Having had a couple of real estate activities in the past few years I must thank Hilary for providing a very different and positive experience.”

- James Lumsden

"I've worked with the self-proclaimed 'best of the best' and 'top-producing' Los Angeles Realtors in the past. Hilary, by far, surpassed them all. She's not a poser, she's the real deal. She doesn't look for the easy way out, but genuinely looks out for your best interests. She's not afraid to tell you like it is."

- Bob DeCastro

"I have dealt with many brokers over the years but I have not met another broker who is as loyal, dedicated, knowledgeable or savvy as Hilary.  She didn’t just find me a house, she found me a home.”

- Marty Katz

“Hilary was a joy to work with! Her intimate understanding of the joys and pitfalls of antique homes provided us with an education that wouldn’t have been possible with a ‘typical’ real estate agent, and her ability to really get what we were looking for landed us the prettiest farmhouse…we never would have found it without Hilary!”

- The Benton Family